Z/28 Chevrolet Camaro, Year 1975

From 1970 to 1981, the Chevrolet Camaro looked essentially the same. A 1970 SS or Z/28 was one of the baddest cars on the road, but 

a 1981 appeared like a cruel joke in comparison. Fortunately, we know that the second-generation Camaro's problems began in 1974. 

The most powerful option at the time was a 350, which was severely underpowered due to the year's detuning of V-8s. The '74 Z/28 

performance option let down its fans by adding just 10 horsepower, dashing their hopes that the car would be the model year's savior. 

Chevy produced a large number of underpowered second-generation Camaros; most of these cars have been resto-modified and have had new engines installed.