King Cobra 1978 Ford Mustang II

Ford's Mustang's "Pinto Mustang Era," beginning with the second generation in 1973, is widely regarded as the model's lowest point. 

They were tiny cars with inline-four or V-6 engines, in stark contrast to the first generation's lethal GT350s, Boss429s, and Mach 1s. The 

Mustang was the worst hit among the American muscle cars in '73, but there were still some attractive options like the 1976 Mustang II 

Cobra II that fell short in terms of performance. Every worst muscle car list includes the 1978 Mustang II King Cobra, not because it 

looked bad but because of its weak engine. If you close your eyes and picture a 1,000+ horsepower engine lurking behind that awesome hood serpent, you'll see why it requires a Hellephant.