In the first half of 2023, sales of Ford Mustangs surpassed those of Dodge Challengers, while Chevrolet Camaros once again came in last.

With 25,471 Mustangs shipped in the last six months, Ford Motor Company outsold Stellantis's 24,275 Challengers. With just 17,337 

units sold, the Camaro is once again in last place. Sales of Chevrolet's pony car increased by 54% from January to June of 2022. A 

thoroughbred muscle car in its day, the four-door Charger completed H1 2023 with 46,732 units to its credit. Meanwhile, sales of the 

Mustang and Challenger were down 2.9% and 5%, respectively, from H1 2022 numbers. The Chrysler 300: who can forget it? The sales of

the Charger's rebadged and redesigned brother, the Challenger, only reached 7,197 units. Last but not least, Ford's Mustang Mach-E, based on the Escape, sold 14,040 units.