Firebird Trans Am from Pontiac in 1977

Another vehicle that looks amazing at a glance but falls short when the gas is mashed is the 1980 Pontiac Trans Am. The Screaming 

Chicken from 1977 wasn't as fast as it was portrayed in Smokey and the Bandit. Outrunning Buford T. Justice was never going to be 

enough to win a drag race in the real world, but back in the day, horsepower was roughly proportional to engine displacement. The 

426 Hemi of that year made 425 hp, while the 454 of that year made 450 hp. Although it had 400 cubic inches of displacement, the Trans 

Am's engine only produced 200 horsepower in 1977. Before Smokey could even leave the park, Bandit could have stolen all of that Coors beer if he had a Hellephant.