Dodge Durango may become a stealth three-row SUV and grow in size similar to the Wagoneer.

Dodge is currently making significant adjustments to its portfolio. The V8 halo vehicles are no longer available, and now its SUVs will 

undergo a change. The Hornet is the first (lightly) electric model in the company's history. According to MotorTrend reports, a new 

vehicle with an old name will take the place of the Dodge Durango. It is said to be a two-door sports vehicle but won't be a quirky, pseudo-futuristic Dodge Stealth.

However, the Dodge Durango won't disappear because of the new moniker. According to the rumor, the Durango will instead sit on its 

body-on-frame chassis and scooch up a little to match the proportions of the Jeep Wagoneer. Therefore, the Stealth will essentially operate as what the Durango is now: