Dodge Charger SE (Year:1974)

Dodge Chargers of the second generation are often regarded as the pinnacle of American muscle cars. As the largest, heaviest, and fastest

vehicle on the road, it was really a freak of nature. The third-generation Chargers had a few more twists in 1971, but they were still

the most powerful vehicles in their class. A few years later, aside the triple opera windows, they looked the same but were much slower. 

The 1974 Charger SE looked just as good as a '71 R/T or Super Bee, but it lacked the power to match. The base model's 318 engine only 

produced 150 horsepower, which seemed insufficient to propel the 3,470-pound car. Although the 426 Hemi had been discontinued, a 275-horsepower 440 (without a Six-Pack) remained.